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Pediatric Dentist in Denville, New Jersey


Based in Denville, New Jersey, Richard E. Malecz, DMD, MBA is a pediatric dentist focusing on pediatric dentistry, using gentle methods to treat children. Our focus is on using the gentlest available methods and safest technology to ensure your child's safety and as much comfort as possible. We offer a variety of services designed specifically to provide for your child's oral health, and to instill healthy habits in them.


Digital Dental Radiography is better for your child as opposed to conventional dental X-rays. The process produces instantaneous razor-sharp images, along with many image analysis functions, extremely low radiation exposure, a high level of data security, and the highest level of radiation safety currently available. Radiographs allow us ... Read more


The old amalgam "silver" restorations have been classified as medical waste and a hazardous material. When you bring your child to our pediatric dentist, you can rest assured that they're only receiving composite "tooth-colored plastic" restorations which are much safer for your child. Decay can be detected in a variety of ways, including: Read more

Minimal Invasion

We strive to keep your children as comfortable as possible by using the least invasive, conservative dental procedures available. Digital X-rays and laser cavity detection accurately detect decays at the earliest stages. This allows our composite restorations to save the tooth with minimal loss. This, combined with air abrasion, will help to protect the tooth from further decay by cleaning and protecting it. Our minimally invasive methods are much easier to tolerate than traditional treatments, and that's important for children.

Dr. Malecz is a child advocate, and our love for children is why we chose this field. Both the staff and Dr. Malecz do all that they can to make sure that each visit is fun, comfortable, and as easy as possible. We want the parents involved as well, and they're welcome to sit in the room with their child. This can help the child be more comfortable. The reception room and treatment rooms both feature wide-screen televisions and surround sound for the child's entertainment, and our staff is trained to help you—and your child—with all your needs!

First Visit

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and our office, it is recommended that your child has their first dental visit at the age of 1, or after the first primary tooth erupts. Here are some tips that will help your child through their first visit:

  • Don't pass along any of your fears concerning dentists—the industry has changed.
  • Don't use words like "hurt", "needle", "shot", "drill", or "pull".

The first visit they have with us, we will "count" their teeth, "tickle" their teeth, and "take pictures" of their teeth. We will explain what we're doing, and show them, before anything is done. We use words that will convey what we mean, without frightening the child.

You're welcome to sit with your child during their treatments, but please don't interfere with the staff. Our goal is to gain the child's confidence and overcome any initial apprehensions. Our desire is to make each visit as pleasant and fun as possible.

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